Saturday, July 3, 2010

The best 4th of July race in America

Every year I schlep in the "run for independence" 4th of July run. Its five miles downhill at 9000 foot altitude in Winter Park, Colorado . Its a good ol fashioned road race with accurate timing. Pro runners-dogs-baby carriages,guys carrying flags with usa shorts participate. Its onlys costs $25.00 and between the great custom design shirts-swag bag and food it is a fun race with a great value. Best of all the money goes 100% to sending kids who need dialysis to day camp. This year they sent 26 kids. 

On a personal note how come all the popular races are going up in price ? Because they are for profit. Yes, I know they do all the charity stuff but the reality is why are they charging so much  ? I guess Because they can. I recently wanted to enter the 2011 Carlsbad 1/2 marathon;one of my favorite races. They now charge $70.00 plus and they have the audacity to want to charge me an extra $5.00 because they wanted me to pay for the credit card charges. I offered to pay by check but the nice lady on the phone said that was a no-no. Maybe its me but give me the small town reasonable style race where all the money goes to charity.

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