Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Barefoot kenBob (and his dog Herman) comes to the Rockies

Claude: Hey CJ, I need you to drive me to Golden,Colorado (60 miles away from Winter Park)
CJ: Why ?
Claude: There is a free fun run and lecture by Barefoot KenBob.
CJ: Who ?
Claude: Barefoot KenBob. The man is a living legend.
CJ: why?
Claude: uhhh, He runs barefoot and has inspired a generation of tenderfeet to go sans shoes.
CJ: And you want me to drive 2 hours so you can learn to run barefoot ?
Claude: Uh Yup  (Colorado speak for yes)
CJ: You didn’t tell me insanity runs in your family !

So went  the discourse I had with the wifey when I registered online to meet the Missionary of tender toes, Barefoot KenBob.  He spoke for a short while on the advantages of the foot
that is un-encumbered by shoes. He has run all sorts of marathons including Boston in the raw (no zapatos).  He is a wonderful speaker and very generous with his time. After the questions were answered he took us on a fun run from Buffalo Bills Grave  around the neighborhood roads and finally we ended up on a great dirt trail. Yes, all barefoot.
My Fred Flintstone feet were tingling from the virginal running experience and a certain amount of bathing was required upon my return home to change the color of my feet back to their original pink glow.
Would I do it again, Yes. Between using my Vibrams Classics five finger running shoes and some beach and grass running there is a place for becoming a nature boy once again.
Thank you KenBob, you are a Mensch

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