Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Jersey Trail running for a transplanted Rockies jogger.

Hi Guys, Just returned from a business trip to NYC so I thought I would go back to my old home in Lake  Hopatcong, N.J.

It's up in the wilds of Sussex county New Jersey and I thought I would take a few runs with some old jogging ghosts.

I re-discovered or better said I forgot what real temperatures and humidity was like 90/90 (90 degrees and 90% humidity). Going out for an easy 5 miler at 11AM  created a fountain of sweat running down the arms ,forehead and back.The good part however is that I usually lose a few pounds running in this type of climate. Quite different from the 45 to 55 degrees and dryness of Winter Park, Colorado at 9AM most summer mornings.

BTW, I brought my Vibram barefoot running classics and did I get looks and comments from the locals. I was surprised the running community has not embraced the minimalist movement yet.

My run the next day began at 6AM; which is a  much more sensible time to take a 10 miler run in the summer;so much cooler in the early AM.

 I also forgot how annoying flying bugs are .The trails around the county are still heavily wooded and wonderfully quiet but the gnats/mosquitos bugs are a pain unless you saturated yourself in bug spray.

Note: I am really not found of bug repellents for the skin-I figure no good can come from it once the stuff is absorbed in the skin and starts floating around the blood stream ,

No bugs to speak of on the high mountain trails in "cool" a RADO.   Usually all I have to do is douse  yourself in SPF #100 sunblock unless you want your skin to look like a deep friend Twinkie.

Note: Not healthy but delicious and can be found at the Delmar,CA county fair.

With all my whiny complaints there is still something special about running at sea level after I have been training all winter and spring at 9 to 11K altitude. Its amazing to rediscover that you still have a few really fast miles left in you without breathing hard.

Finally, there is the reward that only transplanted Colorado runners can appreciate after a long hot run in NJ;Its a slice of the worlds best hot pepperoni with anchovy pizza washed down with a rolling rock beer (try the Grotto in Hopatcong-say hi to Todd for me).

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