Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Minimalist bare naked foot running

The hot topic in running  lately is barefoot or minimalist running shoes based on the new best selling book "born to Run" by Christopher McDougall; great book BTW.
 I rotate my running shoes between my Brooks adrenaline and Nike free 3.0. I have always preferred the lighter Nike free shoe just because it was so darn comfortable. I always had a concern however about protection especially on trail running, hitting rocks etc.

Well it seems that everything old is new again; the more we get back to basics the better off we become. The same can also said for a healthy unprocessed food diet.

I have no problem running on the beach au natural (just feet)  but I draw the line on grass in parks and city streets. I figure Between the dog poop, glass and gawd forbid a disposed of hypodermic needle why take the chance ?

Now the new minimalist shoes like the Vibram are just to goofy looking for me but I will try a pair on and see what happens.

Keep running

Claude Diamond

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