Thursday, January 26, 2012

I did a Personal Best; Was it the NB Minimalist 10 running shoes ?

Been running and training in very high altitude for several months and came back down to earth or rather San Diego to run in the best half marathon in the country in  Carlsbad . Great weather, fun music, very happy running crowd. I even ran a personal best for the half 1:34. Was it the shoes? My new favorite running shoe is the New Balance Minimalist 10. Very light comfortable,seamless and between the altitude runners high and weightless shoes I had a wonderful running day. 
Life is good 101

CAn you ever have enough of these ?
Spectacular Ending to 13.1 miles
Just a kwel Japanese Style home I passed during a training run

Checkout the colors of Carlsbad in Jan by the beach
I need a Latte

Love the colors of SoCal
Glad thats over3

Great Hawaiian Rock Band along the way