Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Balance Minimus 10 Road shoe review

Finally a minimalist running shoe that doesn't crush the toes and comes in a ee width. Very comfortable right out of the box and doesn't look as goofy as some of the barefoot shoes out there. Did a road/trail mix and they virtually have no break-in period. Nice road feel but not as sensitive as my Vibrams (which I love) . Extremely breathable unlike the new Nike Free ID's(2011) which I had to return because my foot was suffocating. I had to replace the laces with my favorite stretch lock laces as the NB laces kept coming undone even with a double knot;not a biggie but personally annoying for me.

I run in a variety of shoes on trails and roads in the Colorado Mtns. file:///Users/ClaudeDiamond/Desktop/detail_hero_template_400x400.jpeg

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