Sunday, December 6, 2009

Barefoot runner in the airport Bathroom,YUCH !

I am reading a great deal about the barefoot movement in books, youtube video and blogs of late. I often travel for my mentoring business. If I get to the airport early and travel with just a backpack and my Nike plus watch I can log in 3 to 5 miles doing laps in the Southwest terminal at DIA.

Today I was surprised to see a barefoot person who appeared to be a runner (Nike runner t-Shirt) in the bathroom.

My only feeling and I assume that you feel the same was a major YUCH.

Why would any person want to walk past urinals barefoot and step into OPP (other people pee).

OMG, Is this youthful rebellion,insanity or the need to be trendy ?

Sorry, I know I am venting but I had to share :-)

Keep running have fun stay healthy and thin


I in the airport going back to good ol San Diego.

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