Monday, May 24, 2010

New minimalist style barefoot running shoe to challenge Nike free & Vibram -The Darwin©(humor)

O Boy !,  am I excited.  I was like a kid on Xmas Morning getting my first gift from under the tree.

I Just received my new pair of "The  Darwin" running shoe. This is the latest entry into the burgeoning naked minimalist barefoot running shoe movement that is sweeping the nation.

I understand that these innovative running shoes were sold out by the first batch. Is it any wonder why these revolutionary style shoes are designed to actually bring us back to the original style of running 4. 5 million years ago.

The fit was quite snug and comfortable on my first run up in the Colorado mountain trails. They were the lightest pair of shoes I have worn and quite comparable to the Nike Free and Vibram five finger  shoes that seem to be so popular.

The only problem was the urge to climb trees and eat copious amounts of bananas. That aside the stares from local runners at my new state of the art shoes also  made me a little self conscience.

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