Monday, October 19, 2009

Denver Marathon needs to end Marathon Gridlock next year

New York, Chicago and San Diego do it much better.

Traffic management within Denver was Horrendous yesterday during the marathon; what a poor design for the locals and tourists trapped within the inner city area. We sat in our car for hours trying to leave Denver-que lastima

Question: Can't the organizers come up with a design that allows ingress/egress to at least one major hway (25-70 etc). Having a cop let one car cross over the route every 30 minutes is crazy for a major metropolitan area. Just for the record I am a marathoner and not unsympathetic to running a good race, but I believe that any future design should allow for a better design for vehicular traffic. There should be a intelligent route that doesn't stagnate the entire inner/central city with gridlock.

Let me out dude !

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