Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bad Dogs and Dumb Owners while running.

I recently read a great editorial by Michael Benge of Trail Runner Magazine about dogs and running. Here is my response

Hi Michael,

Really enjoyed your recent editorial "doggonit". I live in a resort community in the Colorado rocky mountains and go trail running everyday. Unfortunately so do many moronic dog owners who allow their untrained and unleashed dogs to run wild and assault runners. Your article hit home when you mentioned the typical response of........

"Gee Whiz, Bosco never did that before" or my favorite "Don't worry he's friendly" as though that is an excuse for an aggressive frontal or heel biting assault.

I recently encountered on a trail run a loose Rotweiller breed which charged me showing teeth, growling and snarling. The dog would not respond to voice commands from the lethargic owner. I froze dead in my tracks(which seems to works in most cases). I was not hurt but it truly scared the hell out of me.

The response from the owner ? None. Apology? None.

I now carry defensive mace-pepper spray on all my runs (legal in Colorado).

I guess there will always be, Bad Dogs and Dumb Owners.

After Thought; did you ever notice that the dog walkers who utilize the new 50 foot retractable leash still allow their dogs to get within your perimeter as though that is now acceptable. "Excuse me lady but I really don't want to trip over your 120 lb poodle or have him smell my crotch. Dog owners, get some manners.

Success in all your Endeavors

Please feel free to use/edit this letter in any manner you see fitting. Thanks Again. BTW love Trail Running Mag, one dirty magazine :-)

Claude Diamond J.D.

POB 960

Winter Park, Colorado 80482

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